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How To Forward GoDaddy Email

GoDaddy Email Mobile

When you have a Godaddy Account, you have the advantage of using your domain name as your email address. But for many, this is not an advantage. It is even more of a hassle as they have to open several accounts at all times just to check important emails. Luckily for you, there is a way to make everything simple. ... Read More »

How To Create A Strong GoDaddy Email Password

GoDaddy Email

Having a strong password is a great defense against email hacks. Normally, people choose bad and weak passwords because they are easy to recall. But that seems to be bad idea as it opens risks to email hacks.  Hence, it is important that you know how to create a strong password. This article will teach you. What Is A Strong ... Read More »

How Can I Keep My GoDaddy Email Secure?

GoDaddy Email Login

With the advancement of technology, no one is really secure. A number of cases have been raised on online scams, prank calls, identity theft and the like. Credit card information, security PINs and other account information are easily retrieved by technologically advanced individuals. Owing to these circumstances, it is a must for you to devise some ways to make your ... Read More »

How Can I Retrieve My GoDaddy Email Account Password?

GoDaddy Email Password

Most of the companies today have their own website. That only means you need to have several log in information for each of the websites you frequently visit. The trouble with having so many log in details is that you most likely tend to forget most of them. Having to keep all your log in information in one place is ... Read More »

GoDaddy Web Builder For Easy Web Hosting

GoDaddy Web Builder

All business companies already have a websites these days. This is due to the increasing number of “netizens” which has provided a wider and deeper consumer pool for all businesses worldwide. No longer are companies locked up with domestic consumers as it is already possible to get connected with international consumers today using a website! If you have your own ... Read More »

Common FAQs on GoDaddy Email Marketing

GoDaddy Email Marketing

Today’s market calls for a more personal relationship with consumers. Profits are generated not by shallow advertising but by personal conversations with past and future consumers. This is the reason why GoDaddy now offers Express Email Marketing. With this service, you’ll be able to connect with your consumers in the most affordable and least intruding manner! To know more about ... Read More »

How Many GoDaddy Email Accounts Will I Need?

GoDaddy Email Account

If you are thinking about building a blog or a website for personal or business use, you must consider a good web hosting company. To date, GoDaddy is the number one company when it comes to web hosting services and plans. The company offers various types of web hosting plans that suit all users’ needs. To help you choose what ... Read More »

Best Features Of GoDaddy Unlimited Hosting Plan

Web marketing is so evident in this time and age. Lots of people are into hosting websites because its small startup capital and its high earning potential. Though hosting websites does not require high investment, still many cannot afford the price of webhosting. Some of the companies offer you plan for annual fees. While others work with you only if ... Read More »