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How Many GoDaddy Email Accounts Will I Need?

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If you are thinking about building a blog or a website for personal or business use, you must consider a good web hosting company. To date, GoDaddy is the number one company when it comes to web hosting services and plans. The company offers various types of web hosting plans that suit all users’ needs. To help you choose what plan to purchase, read on.

Economy Plan: Up to 100 GoDaddy Email Accounts

With this package, you can expect the following:

  • 10 gigabytes of space
  • 300 gigabytes of monthly transfer
  • 100 GoDaddy email accounts

This is the perfect webhosting plan for beginners. Those just starting up with web hosting don’t need as much space unlike the veterans in the web hosting business. Ten (10) gigabytes of space can already support hundreds to thousands of videos, music, and files. Also, the traffic quota of 300 gigabytes would be safe as you can expect to not pay additional fees even with a hundred visitors per day with such bandwidth. Furthermore, you won’t need countless GODADDY EMAIL ACCOUNTS. You can go fine with just 100 GoDaddy email accounts.

Deluxe Plan: Up to 500 GoDaddy Email Accounts

Deluxe plan offers more space, monthly transfer quotas and GoDaddy Email Accounts than the Economy Plan. You can expect the following:

  • 150 gigabytes of space
  • 1,500 gigabytes of monthly transfer
  • 500 email accounts

As you move on further and longer into the web hosting business, you will need more space and traffic quotas as well as GoDaddy Email Accounts. This is possible with the Deluxe Plan. Most of Deluxe Plan users are those who need to transfer content from an existing website a newer one that covers bigger space.

Unlimited Plan: Up to 1000 GoDaddy Email Accounts

Unlimited plan comes with the following features:

  • Unlimited space
  • Unlimited monthly transfer
  • 1,000 email accounts

It is perfect for those trying to generate so much traffic in a single day by building lots of high-quality content. That being the case, organizations that will use the Unlimited Plan will also need a greater number of email accounts. With the unlimited plan, you can have up to 1000 GoDaddy Email Accounts.

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