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How Can I Retrieve My GoDaddy Email Account Password?

Most of the companies today have their own website. That only means you need to have several log in information for each of the websites you frequently visit. The trouble with having so many log in details is that you most likely tend to forget most of them. Having to keep all your log in information in one place is important so that you won’t have trouble logging in a certain website in the future. But in case one of the log information you lost was for your GoDaddy email account, don’t worry as it is easy to retrieve it.

How Do I Retrieve My GoDaddy Email Account Information?

GoDaddy Email Password

With GoDaddy Email Account Retrieval System, it will be easy for you to recover your account information once you forgot the same. It will send you your customer number, a password hint and a password reset. A password hint is a question asking you to enter your address as it is on the file. It is highly important that you properly type the address giving attention to punctuation marks and capitalization. All these will be sent to your email address.

Here are the steps on retrieving your GODADDY EMAIL ACCOUNT Information:

  1. Follow this link to go to GoDaddy Account Retrieval System.
  2. Now, retrieve your customer number using an active domain in your account. Without your customer number, it would be impossible for you to retrieve your password.
  3. With your customer number, you can now choose to either reset or retrieve your password.
  4. You will not be prompted with a password hint. It will ask you to enter the address as it is exactly on file.
  5. After you’ve correctly answered the hint, you can now retrieve your password or reset it.
  6. Use this information to log in to your GoDaddy Email Acccount.   

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