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Common FAQs on GoDaddy Email Marketing

GoDaddy Email Marketing

Today’s market calls for a more personal relationship with consumers. Profits are generated not by shallow advertising but by personal conversations with past and future consumers. This is the reason why GoDaddy now offers Express Email Marketing. With this service, you’ll be able to connect with your consumers in the most affordable and least intruding manner!

To know more about GoDaddy Email Marketing, read on.

How Can I Send Bulk Emails?

GoDaddy Email Marketing Software, called the Express Email Marketing, provides an easy solution for bulk email marketing. With GODADDY EMAIL MARKETING, it will be easy to build emails and newsletters that look like a pro. Whether you are posting news or a planning on a sale, you can send bulk emails using GoDaddy Email Marketing with ease through its ready-to-use templates.

Can I Use GoDaddy Email Marketing With Social Marketing?

Yes. GoDaddy Email Marketing when combined with social marketing can generate you more prospects furthering your chances of increasing revenues. The GoDaddy email marketing solution can serve as a platform wherein your can have a centralized location to manage your online presence. Simply stated, you can link your social profiles like Facebook and Twitter to GoDaddy Email Marketing and reach your audience through creative news and presentations using the software templates.

Can I Send More Personalized Newsletters?

Of course. This is what GoDaddy Email Marketing is for – to generate revenues through personal connection with consumers. And what better way to do that than by grabbing your recipient’s attention by a personalized greeting. Just select this option when you manage your GoDaddy Express Email Marketing Software. It’s as easy as one click!

Can I Customize Ready-To-Use Email Templates?

GoDaddy gives you options. Though you are given 160 ready-to-use email templates, you can still enjoy more personalized designs since the software allows you to add texts, images and logos of your own.

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