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Comparing companies broadband

Sprint & Verizon Wireless have dominated the Mobile Internet field since about 2004.  They have gone back and forth several times in regards to who has the best coverage, pricing, broadband cards and so on.  But, that said, they are fairly similar.  They both use the same exact technology with the same top speeds. They both have a 2 year ... Read More »

Web Hosting: Choose the best option for you

Finding good web hosting may be a little of a struggle. A Google search would turn millions of results, and this means too many providers on the market. Also, many on the articles pretending to help you in your quest are written by providers themselves and their resellers, and therefore biased. Looking for reviews also doesn’t help much, since you ... Read More »

GoDaddy Hosting versus Hostgator

There are a few things about GoDaddy hosting that make us want to compare it to other hosting providers and see if website performance would be noticeably be improved. Godaddy Hosting As my websites started taking on more traffic saw I began to see a decrease in performance using the virtual hosting services at GoDaddy. I was a little concerned ... Read More »

How can I point my e-mail towards GoDaddy?

  This article is meant to provide instruction on how to change your DNS records so that GoDaddy is handling the email for your domain.  This is only going to work if you have pointed your DNS Nameservers to the Bigcommerce nameservers. You’re going to be changing DNS records called your MX records, which are the ones that indicate who controls ... Read More »

Managing your GoDaddy Email

Managing Your GoDaddy Email GoDaddy email Accounts Become an Expert at GoDaddy Email Account Management Manage your GoDaddy Email, Calendar, and Online File Folder accounts in a few simple clicks. Account management is effortless with the Email Control Center’s intuitive design and user-friendly technology. The GoDaddy Email Control Center lets you set up new accounts for your Email products and update ... Read More »

Link to GoDaddy Email Login

New on  Do you want to login to your GODADDY WEBMAIL account and you just can’t find the link? Don’t worry, many people think it is a little confuse to find where to go for the GODADDY EMAIL LOGIN, because the web site is too large and sometimes complicated. So…where is the GoDaddy Email Login link? You can find this ... Read More »